Pug Supplies

What makes the Pug Store so Special? Unlike those generic pet stores, all of our products have been carefully chosen to suit the Pug !

This will save you a lot of time and hassle searching for the right product to suit your Pug . Choose from the categories below to see our Pug approved range of products.

Dog Treats Treats can serve many purposes. Whether you’re training with positive reinforcement or simply bonding with your dog, you can choose a treat that’s just right for your Pug .
Dog Clothes Dog clothing has many roles. Whether you’re looking to make your dog the most fashionable pooch on the block or making sure that she doesn’t get frostbite, you can choose from a huge selection of dog coats and boots etc, specifically designed for the Pug .
Flea Control No one likes fleas and ticks, especially not your Pug . Ticks can carry a host of diseases and fleas can cause allergic reactions, therefore, an effective prevention program is essential. Monthly treatments, flea & tick collars, shampoos, sprays, anti-itch treatments, household & lawn sprays and room foggers are all elements of a targeted, effective regimen tailored to your Pug .
Puppy Supplies You can find everything you need for your new Pug puppy, right here. It doesn’t matter what it is you need, be it Food, Collars, Treats, Toys, Grooming and Health Supplies, Crates, Pens, Gates, or even Carriers.
Dog Bowels Dog Bowels specifically designed for the Pug ! Whether you’re looking for elevated feeders, stainless steel bowls, food containers, treat jars, waterers, travel bowls, heated bowls, ceramic bowls or discount bowls, you can find the perfect bows for your Pug !
Dog Crates Crates are the most important element in a dog’s training. Great for housetraining puppies, preventing negative behavior while unsupervised or alone, travel, and providing your dog with his own “home”, crates and cages come in a variety of styles. Here are the right crates you need for your Pug .
Dog Toys Toys can provide your Pug with the physical exercise and mental stimulation they need. Finding the perfect toy that’s right for your Pug can be difficult, and often involves trial and error. Here is a great selection that your Pug will love.
Dog Houses Perfect for providing your Pug with shelter from the elements, these dog houses will also give your Pug his own space. No need to search for the right size, these Dog Houses are just right for the Pug .
Dog Carriers Who wouldn’t like to take their dog with them wherever they go? Dog Carriers are the perfect mobility solution! Browse our selection of Designer Carriers, which are ultra comfortable for your dog, and super stylish for you.
Grooming Supplies Grooming not only makes your dog more comfortable, but it is also great for their coat and skin. Here is a selection of essential grooming products that were carefully chosen to suit the needs of the Pug .
Dog Travel Supplies Traveling with your Pug can be challenging if you don’t have the right equipment. Vehicle Barriers, Seat Covers, Harnesses, Steps, Ramps and Cargo Liners all make the journey safer, more comfortable and less stressful for everyone involved. Plus, check out our selection of Travel Dog Bowls, which make feeding times while on the road a breeze!
Dog Doors and Gates If you’re looking to install a pet door, which will allow your pet to come and go as he pleases, or are shopping for a pet gate which will keep your pooch out of trouble, you can find the right size and style you need right here!
Dog Beds A good bed benefits your dog just like a good bed benefits you ? it provides support, security and comfort. A good bed will keep your Pug up off the floor, cushion joints and limit the spread of hair and dander, all while giving your dog his own space.
Dog Collars and Leashes Form, function and combinations of both! Our expansive collar and leash lineup features everything you could possibly imagine, from leather to nylon, personalized to designer, harnesses to training collars, plus leashes and tags to match!
Dog Health Products We know that your dog’s health is important to you. That’s why we offer an enormous selection of products especially catered for the Pug .
Dog Shampoo Clean coats mean healthy dogs and happy owners. Here is our selection of the top brand Shampoos and Conditioners that would suit the Pug . These include Therapet™, BioGroom®, Lambert Kay™, Kelco®, Double K™, TropiClean, Best Shot®, Crazy Dog®, Coat Handler™ and Tomlyn.
Dog Food Here are our proven Pug specific formulas to feed your puppy, adult, or senior pooch. These come in a wide variety of forms, such as kibble, canned and freeze dried. All our dog foods will help your Pug live up to his potential!
Clean Up Supplies Accidents do happen from time to time, so here are all the clean up supplies you’ll ever need! From Disinfectants and Stain Removers, Poop Scoops, Shovels and Poop Bags, Housebreaking Pads, the Doggie Dooley yard system, to Hair Pick Ups/Removers.
Dog Breeding Supplies Are you expecting a new litter of Pug puppies, or planning for one? Here, you’ll find our complete range of Breeding supplies that is ideally suited for the Pug .
Dog Training Supplies Just for the Pug , here you’ll find all the dog training supplies your ever likely to need.

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