Does the Temperament of a Pug Suit You?

One of the key aspects that one should consider when contemplating getting a pug is its temperament. This holds true for all relationships in life (if you cannot get along with someone, both of you would not want to be around the other, right?) so it must also be considered with a potential new dog.

Social Aspects

If one were to purchase a social dog, the pug could easily be the right one to choose. The pug is one of the most social dogs alive, as its main purpose in life is to please its owner and usually the people around him/her. Granted, a pug may sleep a lot (as much as 14 hours a day), but when awake the pug will exhibit plenty of playfulness and enough charm to make most people look past that wrinkled face.


As much as pugs have a sociable temperament, they can also be stubborn ones. Pugs create different problems for their owners when it comes to training the dog to eliminate outside. It will happen eventually, but the owner needs to be patient or else having a pug may result in a lot of unwanted frustration.

Demands of the Dog

A male pug typically requires more care than a female does, as the female pug is more independent and will most likely come to you when it needs something. That is a reason why some people prefer a female over a male. These dogs are especially “clingy” and will literally follow you everywhere around the house, and sometimes outside. There will be times when the pug cannot come outside, such as times of extreme temperature.

The small snout and nose prevent the dog from being able to pant as successfully as other dogs, thus limiting its breathing capability in more humid atmospheres. An owner must be careful about where the dog is at all times when outside, although when it does make an appearance outside, it will most likely be at the feet of its owner. Rest assured, if you are outside and the pug remains inside, it will probably wait at the door for its owner to come back in.

Essentially, the pug’s temperament is calm, yet endearing. This breed of dog especially loves playing and will sit by the feet of its master at all times. Some find that annoying and should steer clear of this breed of dog if one does not want it following one around at all times, which most assuredly will happen. The pug is gentle as well, making it possible to have the dog live around a baby in the house. Since the baby is a member of the house that the dog so lovingly resides in, one can be sure that the dog would do its best to protect the baby as well as love it unconditionally. If the pug’s temperament is something that will suit your lifestyle, then you may want to learn more about the physical appearance of the pug.

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