So Many Different Types of Pugs to Consider

The best part about getting a new pug is being able to choose what kind one wants. These dogs come in a variety of different shapes and sizes, while there are usually four main colors to choose from. The pug is known as a “toy” dog and is classified as a companion dog. That is a bit of an understatement because a pug might as well be known as the king of the companion dogs.

It will follow its master around at all times and accompany him/her during every daily task performed, whether it is outside or inside. A potential owner must also consider the slightest details, such as whether or not he/she wants a male or female in terms of dependence and playfulness.

Pug Appearance

All types of pugs usually have a dark, wrinkled face and a small, stout body. Pugs have a tendency to become overweight easily as well. The coat of a pug contains short fur (usually less than an inch long) and a sleek, smooth coat that will need to be brushed on a weekly basis. The pug usually comes in four colors: fawn, black pugs, apricot, and silver. Different people have different preferences and reasons for picking the color of the dog, whether it is for competition purposes or to have the dog solely as a pet.

The bottom teeth in all types of pugs usually protrude farther than the upper teeth which can result in an under bite, like a bulldog. Normally, when one is asked to describe the appearance of the pug, one refers to the wrinkled face, the tiny snout, and the large, dark, and bulging eyes almost popping out of the dog’s face. It is the “so ugly it is cute” description of the dog.

Pug Personality

Most pug types have similar personalities but when split into characterizations, it is usually done so by splitting the genders. If an owner wants a pug that is more playful and dependent on the owner, then one should invest in a male pug. If you have a feeling that it will get annoying having the little dog following you around everywhere (and it most assuredly will do so in most cases), a female may be a better choice.

A male is more inclined to “hang out” with the owner while a female will be more independent and most of the time does whatever it wants. One thing is for sure about pugs though: each and every one has a high energy level and a desire to be playful much of the time. Most types of pugs, male or female enjoy going for walks and getting exercise in order to help keep their bodies slimmer and healthier.

An ideal pug weighs between 14 to 18 pounds and a normal pug is expected to live 12 to 15 years. In general, most types of pugs are small in size but have the reputation for being somewhat obese. Many people that get pugs fall in love with the bulging dark eyes and wrinkled face that also happen to come with added health concerns. Happy owners do not mind keeping care of their pugs though, because the return is so great. If someone is looking to get a dog that is the ultimate companion, has a very high energy level, and loves to play with just about anyone, a pug would be the perfect fit.

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