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Is house training a pug easy?

It could be easy or not easy at all to train a house pug dog from my experience because of the following reasons:

  1. House pug dogs are very stubborn, it usually takes longer time to house train pug dogs than other dogs.
  2. They are independent, most of them are! Pugs just like to enjoy themselves and do whatever they want.
  3. Pugs are too cute. It doesn’t sound like it is related to house training a pug dog but think about it. Whenever your lovely pug does something wrong, you would like “Awwww its so cute…” This is how they get the wrong idea of commands.

What you can NEVER do when training a pug dog.

  • Most of the pug/dog owners make this common mistake, they let the dog off leash in a park and ask/expect them to come to them when they give out commands. This is not going to work while you train your pug. What ha pug / dog would think is, “OK! Whenever you call me, my fun (Without you playing in the park) is over. So next time I will never come when you ask!!” So you are basically training your pug NOT to come!
  • Again this is pug dogs’ fault, they are too CUTE. Many pug owners or trainers like to feed their pugs with human food. This will encourage a pug to come beside you or even scratch you every time you eat! It is also bad for their health.
  • Many pug dog owners intend to say “Come here” before they try to punish their pugs, this is not good because they would think that “Come Here!” means “punish”, again, you would train your pug dog to Go Away while you say “Come”.

Pugs are really smart, however, stubborn enough to drive you crazy sometimes.

A Perfect Solution:
There are many useful e-books (Computer books) that you can get for house training a pug dog at home.Prices are cheaper because it doesn’t require shipping, they are files that you can download and read them anytime. I house trained my pug at home with the complete guide of “Sit Stay Fetch”. It is the best sellers from dog training.

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