Help for Dog Dental Care Issues

We all know how expensive dog dental care can be but did you know that you can
save a ton of money on your dogs dental needs by taking a few preventive
measures on a regular basis.

Small breed dogs are more susceptible to dog dental care issues than the
larger breed dogs. This is because small breed dogs typically eat
more soft or canned dog foods than their larger counterparts.

We all know that brushing our dogs teeth is the best way to keep their teeth
healthy but I have yet to meet a dog that would willingly let their owner brush
their teeth. if your dog won’t open wide for a toothbrush, don’t
fret. Their are other options that are much simpler and will make both
your and your dog much happier!

Be it a small breed dog or a large breed dog, their are many simple things that
you can do to prevent dog dental care issues. one of the easiest is to
feed your dog healthy treats such as peeled and cubed apples or baby
carrots. Not only are these healthy dog treats, they are both a tremendous
help in fighting plaque and other dog dental care issues.

Another great way to clean your dogs teeth is with a product by Orajel.
Orajel Tooth and Gum Cleaner is made for babies but it can be used on
dogs. The thing that you really want from the Orajel Tooth and Gum
is the little cleaning brush that goes over the tip of your
finger. This small cleaning brush has little ridges that clean and massage
your dogs gums and this helps with the circulation in the gum area. If you
can find one of these sold separately, you can use it with a bit of plain baking
soda to clean your dogs teeth and gums. It is always a good idea to try this at
a time that both you and your dog are relaxed.

When it comes to treating and preventing dog dental care issues, it is important
to know when a problem is serious enough for a trip to the veterinarian. A
tooth infection can quickly lead to more serious health problems if not treated
properly. If you notice that your dog is running a fever or not eating
well, it is best to seek the help of your veterinarian to treat your dogs dental
care issues promptly.

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