Housetraining Adult Pug Dogs

Whether you got your adult Pug dog from a shelter, rescue or breeder, you’ve just added a wonderful pet to your family…congratulations!

This surprises many people, but bringing an adult Pug dog into your home demands as much effort and consistency from you and the family with housetraining as does a puppy. It’s a mistake to think that just because the Pug is full-grown and may have been potty trained in one home, that he’ll just immediately adjust to your home’s elimination schedule, too.

Let’s be realistic here. Your Pug needs some time to adjust to the new environment of your home. He also needs to know that you do not appreciate him peeing on the floor - especially if his prior owner did not seem to care.

Don’t make the mistake of assuming that because he’s an adult Pug that he’ll just “know” what to do. Start with him as if he were a puppy and gradually teach him the routine of your home’s pet potty schedule.

Beginning with a crate or closing the Pug off to just using the potty in the bathroom can help a lot. After that has been established you can begin creating a schedule for potty breaks outdoors. Most adult Pugs are picky about where they use the bathroom at. Many do not want to go where they sleep, eat or play.

Help him find that place in your yard or outside when walking and return him there for subsequent potty breaks. You have to monitor the potty breaks for several weeks to learn your Pug’s elimination patterns.

You also have to set morning and evening feeding times. He may not have had such an organized life schedule, so this could take time for adjustment. Don’t believe that old saying, ‘you can’t teach an old Pug new tricks.” It’s not the age of the Pug that matters - it’s the consistency of the owner.

Your Pug may have also come from an abusive household. Even things like yelling or smacking the Pug with a newspaper could have caused your pet a lot of fear. This is why you need to be patient and build the Pug’s confidence so that he understands your intentions and can make adjustments without being afraid.

Be prepared to clean up a lot of accidents at first. Training an adult Pug is no easier than training a puppy. Both Pugs require a lot of adjustment before they can really get a grasp on how things are supposed to work. Being consistent and housetraining your Pug with love will boost the Pug’s confidence so that good behavior becomes habit.

Good luck with your adorable new pet Pug!

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