Presenting Pug - the Small Dragon Dog

One may still be wondering if the pug dog is right dog to choose. This is to present some information related to this breed and its history, the temper, physical appearence and personality of these wonderful dogs. Reading all of this will help an owner gain a better understanding of what to expect when bringing this dog home for the first time. There is also the possibility that people having preconceived ideas about the pug to change them and reconsider the possibility of owning such a dog.

Tips About The History And Temperment Of The Pug Dog Breed

The history of the pug breed starts sometime between 1766 and 1122 BC, period when the Shang dynasty reigned in China. These dogs were bred to sit on the laps of the emperors where they resembled the looks of dragons. They were later breed by the monks of Tibet, from where they spread to Japan and Europe.

Famous Europeans such as William III and Mary II, Marie Antoinette, and Queen Victoria had pugs and each served a different purpose. Their prevalence among worlds’ rulers continued in the 19th century and expand to the United States, where there was established the Pug Kennel Club, recognized in 1885 by the American Kennel Club.

The pug dogs are not very temperamental. During the first ages of their lives these dogs enjoy playing with their owners and require a lot of attention from, but they will calm while getting older. It would not make the best watch-dog, because most pugs would not bark at strangers anyway, a bark from this dog is muffled and small because of the wrinkles overlapping the mouth. These enthusiastic dogs will dress up in costumes and perform tricks easily to impress their owners (which translates to these dogs being good show dogs), proving that there will never be a dull moment with these animals.

General Look And Personality Features

In researching the physical aspects about the pug dog, it is clear that its appearance is easily recognized by many people. The dead giveaway of this particular breed of dogs, having a small and stout body, is their wrinkled face that resembles sometimes to a roast beef. Their incredibly tiny, snout and bulging eyes are making them to be hard to punish when doing something wrong.

Males and females can be very different in some areas of their personality. A female is much more of an independent dog and requires the attention of the owner less than a male does. As a reverse or compensation, the males are more laid-back and loving then females. As years are passing all the pug dogs become more and more laid-back.

These dogs will allways love their owners and be ready to entertain their guests. The pug dog will make a great companion for its owner all along the 12 to 15 years it can live.

You can find on these sites a lot of information or you can read some little tales regarding the origins of this strange breed of dogs, on their history aside powerful people that have made history, about the ways this breed was spread all over the world or regarding the original breeding techniques used by ancient chinese to value their unique characteristics.

The pug dogs’ breed originates in ancient China, the emperors of the Shang dynasty beeing known as the first owners. The small, stout body and the wrinkled face sometimes resembling to a roast beef is the main characteristic of this breed. The pug dogs used to perform funny tricks for their famous owners who reigned in european countries.



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