August 27, 2008

Pug Bowling

This guy Pug bowling, No animals Were harmed in this Vid, And No it is not me in the Vid Just found it Sometime ago somewere on the net,

Duration : 0:3:40

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August 27, 2008

patroc1 @ 11:06 am

No a normal person …
No a normal person would write…"THEY'RE hitting the wall IDIOT".

sk8ingrocks111 @ 11:06 am

there hitting the …
there hitting the wall idot

wildchild5859 @ 11:06 am

he was only playing …
he was only playing. you get a life. once again: get a life.

bruceisbetter @ 11:06 am

Get a life don't …
Get a life don't treat your dogs like that. ps:Once again get a life. how would like if u were treated in such a manner

Yirmumahnet @ 11:06 am

The Pug Abides…

The Pug Abides…


Terri2dogs @ 11:06 am

this video gets …
this video gets better every time I watch it. Nice touch.

ProtoChaud9 @ 11:06 am

Hahaha! That's …
Hahaha! That's amazing!

facecreamy @ 11:06 am

Laser pointers …
Laser pointers cause a very annoying "light obsession" in dogs. I can't recommend against using them enough. I used one with my dog when she was a pup and now she has an infuriating habit of blindly chasing reflections, even running into walls

ladyskiffington @ 11:06 am

truly this is the …
truly this is the sport of kings

MelunaMoonDancer @ 11:06 am


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