Pug Care and Breed Information

Pug dogs are perky, small dogs that have a short, sleek coat and cute inquisitive face. These loyal dogs are extremely smart and sensitive to commands. They are sturdy and rugged, love to play and are fantastic with kids. They are not yippy like some small dogs tend to be and are great for a small house or apartment. They typically are outgoing and sociable with humans as well as other animals. They do need attention, like any other pet, and will reward you with their loyal companionship.


Pug dogs are an Ancient Asian breed. In the sixteenth century Pugs were all the rage in European high society and a Pug is rumored to have saved the life of William, Prince of Orange when the dog barking gave them notice of the Spanish invasion. Many pugs were found in Chinese Imperial palace in the mid 1800′s. The AKC recognized pugs in 1885.

Breed Standards

Pug dogs should be 12 to 14 inches tall for males and 10 to 12 inches for females. They grow a short coat in black, fawn, apricot or silver. These dogs are stocky with a round eyed face, prominent eyes and curly tails. Pugs should weigh in between 13 to 20 pounds.

Medical Concerns

Pugs often have respiratory and skin related problems. Their “button” ears which fold overcan create a friendly environment for mites - therefore their ears should be checked frequently. These little dogs have flat faces with protruding eyes which might make them prone to ulcers on the cornea. Pugs are also prone to colds and should avoid harsh weather- either very cold or very hot.

Grooming and Care

Bathing pugs is recommended but care should be take to be sure you dry them completely after bathing as they can catch cold easily. Care must be taken with Pugs to insure their ears do not harbor pests and the folds of skin on their faces should be cleaned. Pug dogs are rather easy to care for and groom because of their short hair.

Pugs make loving and loyal companions but like most toy breed dogs do take extra care and attention. Before you adopt a pug, you need to make sure that you can provide him with a proper home. Pugs should not be kept outdoors for any length of time so you will need to provide suitable housing inside the home. Also, make sure you have the time to devote to your dog as he does require your attention.

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