September 26, 2008

Pug swimming

pug swimming!

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September 26, 2008

nanibell97 @ 9:08 am


sjbiase @ 9:08 am

How cute!!!!:)
How cute!!!!:)

rocklee9109 @ 9:08 am

um… i do have a …
um… i do have a pug, and sorry bout what i said, i was pretty pissed. i love pugs. i have 3 of them and have had around 6 litters so far, so yea.

WhateverbitchX @ 9:08 am

its not rare at all …
its not rare at all pugs love to swim and thats a fact.

zanessaforever95 @ 9:08 am

we have 4 pugs and …
we have 4 pugs and one of them her name is Penny she loves to swim in are pool

sjkazy1 @ 9:08 am

No not all dogs can …
No not all dogs can swim and that person is right pugs are verry lopsided. Heavier up front and with the short noses have a hard time keeping the water out. That is prety rare for a pug. Cool stuff.
Rocklee9109 if you don't have a pug and something good to say keep your foot in your mouth..

themb0nes @ 9:08 am

I didnt know pugs …
I didnt know pugs could swim. Im gonna have to throw mine in the pool.. no not really he is too cute. Black pugs arent quite as cure

InuyashaFanatic13 @ 9:08 am

Dang, I can't swim …
Dang, I can't swim that fast unless I have my monofin on!

abc2128712 @ 9:08 am

aww nice pool!
aww nice pool!

curlygurl2011 @ 9:08 am

I have a pug and …
I have a pug and she has never been near water except a bath and she didn't want to get into the lake! I guess for so many years she's been on land, she never felt like getting into the water. This dog is so cute!

rocklee9109 @ 9:08 am

ALL dogs are …
ALL dogs are natural swimmers. I have a pool in the back and when i had a puppy litter about a month, when it was hot, we put them in the pool and they ALL knew how to swim. so dont try to be smart talking about how they are heavey chested, stupid.

BJFNJFNBRJ @ 9:08 am


kahiiroo @ 9:08 am

How does it swim? …
How does it swim? All pugs are heavy-cheasted, making it very hard for them to NOT sink. That's bizarre, but you're lucky. If my pug fel in the pool, she wouldn't know how to swim. :'(

Saam101 @ 9:08 am

i once put my pug …
i once put my pug in the pool…… was too fat and sinked

andrew173173 @ 9:08 am

aww, I have a black …
aww, I have a black pug to, she loves to swim.

cherylmulvey @ 9:08 am

yeah….glad to …
yeah….glad to hear that I am not the only one with a fat (35 pounds) lazy pug…..wish I could get him to swim in our pool…maybe if I threw in a steak.

SELI8 @ 9:08 am

Aw so cute que lindo
Aw so cute que lindo

dramanerd98117 @ 9:08 am

I've never seen a …
I've never seen a pug go so willingly into such deep water.

sooobored @ 9:08 am

I taught my pugs to …
I taught my pugs to swim but they are so fat I had to buy them flotation vests instead!

morgensterne @ 9:08 am

haha mine won't …
haha mine won't either, much less swim -_- I'm afraid I got looks instead of brains on this one

cococola44 @ 9:08 am

That is amazing!
That is amazing!

trisooner @ 9:08 am

I can't get my pug …
I can't get my pug to fetch! This is awesome. Pretty pug, too.

6ftund @ 9:08 am

Hey! I may have a …
Hey! I may have a chance at getting a pool now for my two fat pugs!!! Wait til my husband sees this! Adorable!

singercruiser @ 9:08 am

he's so cute and …
he's so cute and swims so well & so fast :)

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