Why Own a Pug? Discover Why the Pug Is the Most Lovable Small Dog!

Do you want to own a pug but is still hesitant to buy or get one?   A lot of people say that pugs are the ugliest dogs. They have short snouts.  They have wrinkles in their faces.  They look weird.  They look more like aliens like dogs.  And they have very small bodies.  But if you want a pet that will be a good loyal companion and if you want a very affectionate small dog, then consider having a pug.  

A pug is not afraid or aggressive with people. They love people.  When they are comfortable with people, they can be the most loving and loyal dog you can have.  They also want to be with you.  They are happiest sitting on your lap or being cuddled with you arms.  They can follow your wherever you go.  

You can bring them where ever you want to bring them.  But don’t think that they are not good guards.  Even if they are small, when they feel that you are being threatened, they can also be aggressive and they can protect you.  

Since they are small, they are perfect for those who have small spaces.  If you live in a condominium unit or a small apartment, you don’t need a large dog bed that takes up a lot of space in your house.  You can have them sleep in your bed and have them sleep in small dog beds.  

Pugs are the perfect pets to have if you love affectionate and loving pets that can be with you wherever you want to go.

When you finally decided to get a pug, make sure you’re going home with a bed for your new pet.

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