August 15, 2008

William Fichtner live in the studio with Pugs and BDH

William Fichtner stops by the Live 105.3 studios to talk about his upcoming movie, The Amateurs, and gets a birthday surprise.

Duration : 0:8:51

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August 15, 2008

duenruth @ 4:22 pm

wow he was only 32 …
wow he was only 32 omg hes 54 now

lyricalkillers @ 4:22 pm

William Fichtner is …
William Fichtner is a legend, my fave character on Prison Break.

Denialtwist @ 4:22 pm

The headphones are …
The headphones are crushing teh hair!! noooo

sexyme1909 @ 4:22 pm

l never know this …
l never know this actor since he acts prison break somehow l am so interested in him by his acting he acts very good hes not that old as from his age and he looks serious but l believe hes not really like that in real person wot l wanna say he is so manly that he attractive and also his voice soooo sexy !!!!

YamatoTitanic @ 4:22 pm

He did a great job …
He did a great job in the perfect storm bless him.

mindxcircus @ 4:22 pm

I KNOW!!! I thought …
I KNOW!!! I thought he was around late 30s before! X3 he's soooo hot. Gentleman…wanna look hot even when u r 50+? do it like he does = swim everyday

AshLuvsJonnyStew @ 4:22 pm

Fichtner's so hot.. …
Fichtner's so hot….

PunkyGirlx3 @ 4:22 pm

aaah only to my …
aaah only to my mother xD

PunkyGirlx3 @ 4:22 pm

52 THATS INPOSIBLE he is to hot for that !!!

Ivy13177 @ 4:22 pm

hey, i like him… …
hey, i like him… he has a great voice and i really like him on Prison Break… Mahony… <3

ronvins @ 4:22 pm

my friend dosen't …
my friend dosen't think that hes hot because hes like 51 and i always get in an argument with her cause…he is hot for a 51 year old man..anyone agree!?!?

ilovezhige88 @ 4:22 pm

He sorta reminds me …
He sorta reminds me of younger Clint Eastwood,both fantastic men! William,stay sexy!

Jude0728 @ 4:22 pm

I like his voice… …
I like his voice… too! :P:D:D

EpicEquipped @ 4:22 pm

Yeah, he voices Ken …
Yeah, he voices Ken Rosenberg in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.

Nyusziorsth @ 4:22 pm

OK, thanks 51 …
OK, thanks 51 or 52 he is still one of the bests :-))

RedWibble286 @ 4:22 pm

Actually he is …
Actually he is still 51, so a bit younger

salta87 @ 4:22 pm

is that the voice …
is that the voice of rosenberg?

drsmooth1521 @ 4:22 pm

god its being a …
god its being a month now hes so haaaaaaaa… *sighs* i love him. who would say you don't.

mindxcircus @ 4:22 pm

he's so hot ^^! and …
he's so hot ^^! and he's 52! that body is hot! and he seems very humble and nice!

*hard to get pass over their "fitschner" lol*

Nyusziorsth @ 4:22 pm

I can believe that …
I can believe that he is 52! He looks still so young.

cmedambry @ 4:22 pm

He very sexy and he …
He very sexy and he seems very nice person . I am from Brazil.

yrat4 @ 4:22 pm

Why can't they …
Why can't they pronounce his last name? This is a bit embarrassing.

drsmooth1521 @ 4:22 pm

wow. hes a married …
wow. hes a married man and you think he is.. coudlnt agree wid u more lol XD Lol

witche @ 4:22 pm

He is …
He is soooooooooooooooo HOT!!!!

TMRProg @ 4:22 pm

I don't watch …
I don't watch Prison Break, so I wasn't familiar with William. But, he was a really cool guest.

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