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Teach Your Dog to Behave Using the Training Collar

Sunday, September 4th, 2011

All of us want our dogs to listen to our commands, so we need to train them. There are different techniques to train your dog, but basically all of them use rewards for good behavior and aversive stimuli for bad behavior. If you have tried various methods of training your dog to behave and he is still acting you aren’t saying a word to him, don’t despair. We can’t all be dog whisperers and every dog owner has to start somewhere. Most of the dog owners cannot take advantage, for various reasons, of the services of some professional dog trainer, but instead, they have now at hand training tools that are quite effective in training any dog, regardless its breed, size, gender or type of personality. Though it looks like any other collar, the Training Collar is such a useful device.

The training collar is composed mainly of two devices, one of them being a special electronic collar that your dog will wear around its neck, just like any usual collar. The difference is that you are given a remote control for the collar that typically has two functions. Dog lovers mainly use the warning function, activated by the warning button. By pressing this button, you will send a signal to your dog’s collar that will make the collar emit a warning beep telling the dog that it is performing in the wrong behavior. The second function of the training collar is to penalize continuous bad behavior, and this is activated through the pulse button. You may use the collar as part of your dog training program, and when it comes to negative reinforcement, you will give your dog aversive stimuli through remote controlling the collar.

Saying the collar is an inhumane object means that the owner uses it rudely. The collar is used in the way the owner wants. If you set the collar’s shock intensity setting to full and just sit there tapping the shock button over and over again then yes, the collar is being used for inhumane treatment. Owners who love their pets will mostly use the warning button Start out with two warning beeps before you press the shock button and your dog will learn very quickly to behave at the sound of the beep. Do not forget about positive reinforcement and treat your dog when he behaves.

You will be able to almost fully control your dog’s behavior after just a few days of training in open spaces. After a couple of weeks the dog will listen to your commands and you will use the collar only in special occasions. The Training Collar is a better alternative than giving your dog up to a shelter when he may end up being put down.

If you use the collar in a responsible way, it will be a very humane way to train your canine companion to properly behave. The shocks don’t hurt your dog a bit; they simply startle your dog. You can feel and adjust the pulse intensity by trying the collar on yourself. Tens of thousands of pet owners have been successfully used this type of collar and gained the submission of their dogs. Begin training with fully confidence in rapid success.

This training tool is known as the Training Collar. Thousands of dog owners successfuly used collars. Use a Training Collar to train a stubborn dog instead of giving it to a shelter.

Pug Training - the Keys to Success in Training a Pug to Obedience

Thursday, July 14th, 2011

There are many keys to successful pug training. If you learn the main key points of pug training then you should have no trouble training your pug. These cute little dogs may act like they do not want to learn or have no interest in training, but with some little secrets you can get them to come around and be the star pupil. With pug training all you need are some treats, persistence and to keep training sessions short.

Treats for Training

There is one thing about pugs that makes pug training pretty simple. Pugs love to eat and if they can do something that will earn them a treat then they will have no problem doing it. It is important to note that treats alone do not make good training tools. Too many treats can lead to a pudgy pug. You don’t want that. So, a back up to treats is praise. Praise can serve as a nice treat that is much better for your pug’s waistline.

Dog training in general should always be about positive reinforcement. Harsh tones and punishment really teach a dog nothing. With a pug you are set up for the perfect positive reinforcement training because your dog will love to get treats and praise as a reward for doing good and will realize that if they don’t do good that they don’t get that treat or praise.

Keep At It

It can be really easy to give up during pug training. A dog is like a child. You have to keep teaching things over and over so they will understand and finally learn what it is that you are trying to teach them. Your dog will need repetition to make the training ideas stick. You have to keep showing her, but eventually she will catch on.

It is a good idea to try to get pug training in everyday. Start with one thing and move onto others as your pug starts to learn. You do not want to try to teach her everything all at once. This will just cause confusion and likely lead your pug to tune out all further training attempts. Most people start out with potty training, since this is one of the most important things you will want your dog to learn.

Keep It Short

A pug is not really known for being the most active or energetic dog breed. Keep that in mind when you are training. If you wear the dog out she will stop. She will go lie down and you won’t be able to get her back into training anytime soon. Additionally, long training sessions will not accomplish anything.

Resist the urge to spend hours with pug training. Instead only spend about 10 to 15 minutes a day working on training. Your dog will learn,but she needs a slow pace that won’t wear her out.

Pug training is not too hard. Pugs are actually great little dogs that will be willing to do almost anything you want as long as you stick to these key training tips. For more help and ideas on pug training visit

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The Citronella Bark Collar Is Safe and Effective

Saturday, July 9th, 2011

All of us know that the dog was one of the first animals our ancestors domesticated thousands of years ago, so don’t be surprised to discover that dog collars have been used since those times. In fact, we can trace the first dog collars to the ancient civilizations of Egypt, Greece, and Rome. Dog collars provide several benefits, including the abilities to identify canines and to keep unwanted critters away. So if your dog has a collar, why should you upgrade it to a citronella bark collar?

While you’re probably familiar with a dog collar and a dog bark, how about a “bark collar”? A bark collar is used to change the behaviour of the dog wearing it. It helps the owner to train the dog not to bark too much or at the wrong times. A bark collar is composed mainly of a microphone and a battery. Whenever the dog barks, the microphone becomes a tool for altering the dog’s behavior. You should be aware of the fact that the bark collar was designed to only discourage improper barking.

Among the three main types of bark collars, the most popular is the Citronella Bark Collar. A can filled with a fluid whose main ingredient is the citronella oil is attached to this collar. This is a naturally produced oil that is extracted from different types of grasses. Various critters like fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes dislike the citronella scent and will keep distance from your dog. Also, dogs dislike the lemon-like scent of citronella.

Here are some of the key benefits of citronella-based bark collars:

1. They don’t harm your dog The citronella oil is a non-toxic and natural compound. This oil won’t do any harm to your dog’s eyes or skin. In fact, most humans are also unaffected when they contact citronella.

2. Their effect is proven The main goal of citronella-filled bark collars is behavior modification. The microphone in the dog collar senses the barking of the dog. This triggers the release of the citronella contained in the collar. Your dog will soon connect its barking to the very unpleasant for him scent of citronella oil.

The effectiveness of the Citronella Bark Collar was verified through scientific studies. These studies show that such collars eliminate 90% of the unwanted barking. This fact was already known by the satisfied owners.

3. Their action is humane Many experts and dog owners consider bark collars with citronella to be the most humane type on the market. Because your dog will feel no pain when exposed to the citronella. That’s a plus for dog owners who want a bark collar that’s as humane as it is effective. As our best friends, we don’t want them to be hurt.

Also, not only is citronella humane for dogs, but also for insects. This is maybe not your biggest concern. But if you want to prevent the harm of animals while protecting your pet, then a citronella bark collar is definitely a wise choice. While it repels insects, it doesn’t harm them.

The Citronella Bark Collar is the most popular of the three types of bark collars on the market. They act in a humane way. The effectiveness of the Citronella Bark Collar was verified through scientific studies.