A Balanced, Nutritious Diet is the Right One for Your Pug

The right diet for your pug is an extremely important step in creating a good and healthy lifestyle as it will set up the dog for the rest of its life. Good pug care begins with monitoring what food the dog eats, how much water it is drinking, and what kind of other foods are entering its body. One would be surprised how much a dog can eat, even the small pug, but the owner must be careful in how much is being served with each meal.

The owner must make sure the dog is not being fed too many times a day with too much in each serving. Even if the dog shows hunger after being fed too much earlier in the day, the owner must show restraint and not allow the dog to eat again. Perhaps a fat-free dog treat will satisfy the dog or something else that is small and healthier for the animal may be a better way to inculcate the right diet for your pug.

The Importance of Water in Pug Care

Water is an extremely important step of a pug’s healthy lifestyle. A pug can get dehydrated easier than most dogs, so it is even more important that plenty of water is available to the dog in the hotter months of the year. At all feeding times, a full bowl of water should be available to prevent dehydration. Pugs dehydrate easily and any article on the right diet to feed your pug will include a section on the importance of providing water at all times to the animal.

This is also why when the family of a pug is going on vacation that they find someone to dog-sit. If no one is there to feed the animal and give it plenty of water, it will get sick or possibly worse. One must always remember to remind the dog-sitter the importance of providing enough water a couple times a day as part of the right diet for your pug.

The Rest of a Pug’s Diet

The remainder of a pug’s diet should include small proportions of food (but enough so the pug does not become sick due to lack of food) that are rich with vitamins and nutrients. Also, all treats that are given to the pug should be cholesterol free and full of vitamins to help the pug stay healthy. Obesity is very common in this breed of dog, so it is additionally important that the owner keep special watch of what the dog is consuming. If the pug should happen to get overweight, the owner can cut back on its food intake and perhaps purchase food designed to help dogs slim down.

The right diet for your pug revolves around creating a lifestyle the pug can enjoy with relatively few health problems. Granted, not every dog is perfect and no matter what the owner does, some health risks cannot be avoided and the pug will get sick from time to time. The owner should not worry and should continue to offer the dog the same diet unless otherwise noted by a professional. Pug care can also be taken a step further, because the owner can cook some delicacies for his pug as a reward for being good while keeping the food the pug eats healthy and varied.

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