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  • Welcome To The

    Official Pug Guide

    A specialized website that's completely focused on the Pug!


    Serious dog lovers who own, or want to own a Pug would rather invest their valuable Internet time on a website that truly UNDERSTANDS this amazing breed. Wouldn't you?

    We grew tired of those "One-Size-Fits-All" generic Pet web sites that only offered a few scattered paragraphs about our dog. So instead of wasting hours of your time scouring the Internet for specific info about the Pug, it's all here in one place!


    What You Can Do Here!

    1. You can find out all you need to know about the Pug! There's tons of information here waiting for you to discover.

    2. You can go SHOPPING for your supplies and Accessories at the Pug Store.

    3. You can chat and share pictures with other Pug lovers!


    Recently Added Articles!

    Fancy Dog Beds for Your Pampered Pug

    Your dog is your baby; you buy special food for her, and dress her in a little costume when Halloween rolls around. Unlike the neighbor kids, she never, ever goes outside without a coat. So what makes...

    How Important Is Guide Dog Training? Is It Worth It?

    Guide dog training is completed by talented professionals who are patient, knowledgeable and consistent. These are important qualities for anyone who trains animals. People have fallen in love with...

    Your Pug And Dog Kennel Cages?

    Many people who keep pets love them too much to have them constrained. Actually, the majority of people prefer to have them running free around the house and enjoy their antics while interacting with the...

    Veterinary Medicine Can Save Your Pug

    Veterinary medicine is the professional field that provides care and medical attention to animals, whether they are domestic pets, exotic wildlife or any other type of animal that is in need on medical...

    Can You Use A Dog Collar Light With Your Pug?

    Dogs are known as mans best friend for a reason: they are faithful, loving and love you selflessly for their entire life. Those of us who have had a dog know the joys of coming home to be greeted by face...

    Should You Buy Kirkland Dog Food For Your Pug

    Diamond brand dog foods produce some other brands as they are in demand. One brand of dog food that they make is called Kirkland dog food. Kirkland dog food is sold at Costco stores. They were one of...

    Pug Picture

    Pug Picture

    Pug Picture

    Pug Picture

    Pug Picture

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