Learning All About the Pug Dog

One may still be wondering if the pug dog is right dog to choose. Here we introduce this wonderful dog in terms of its different breeds, history, temperament, physical appearance and personality. Reading all of this will help an owner gain a better understanding of what to expect when bringing this dog home for the first time. The aim of all of this is to prevent any surprises in learning about the pug and hopefully put the idea of reconsideration to rest.

History and Temperament

The pug’s history begins in China during the Shang dynasty from 1766-1122 BC. These dogs were bred to sit on the laps of the emperors where they resembled the looks of dragons. The breeding of this dog led to the monks of Tibet, to Japan, and finally to Europe.

Famous Europeans such as William III and Mary II, Marie Antoinette, and Queen Victoria had pugs and each served a different purpose. Nonetheless, the prevalence of these dogs in Europe (and in the United States in the 19th century) allowed for them to create the Kennel Club and later get recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1885.

If you want to know more about pug dogs, it is that they have an easy-going temperament. They do require a lot of attention and love to play, but a pug will become calmer as it gets older. It would not make the best watch-dog, because most pugs would not bark at strangers anyway, a bark from this dog is muffled and small because of the wrinkles overlapping the mouth. These enthusiastic dogs will dress up in costumes and perform tricks easily to impress their owners (which translates to these dogs being good show dogs), proving that there will never be a dull moment with these animals.

Appearance and Personality

In researching the physical aspects about the pug dog, it is clear that its appearance is easily recognized by many people. The small, stout body and the wrinkled face sometimes resembling roast beef is a dead giveaway to this particular breed of dog. It is an incredibly tiny snout and bulging eyes that would make it particularly hard to yell at this animal when it does something wrong.

Each pug has its own personality, but males and females do differ in certain areas. A female is much more of an independent dog and requires the attention of the owner less than a male does. On the other hand, reading about the male pug dog can reveal that they can be more loving and laid-back than a female. These characteristics tend to blend together with age though, as each dog becomes more laid-back with the passing years.

The pug owner can expect plenty of love from this dog, not to mention the good times had by all when the pug dresses up in hilarious costumes and performs tricks for everybody at a party. About the lifespan of the pug dog; expect them to make great companions for the entire duration of their lives (which tends to last 12 to 15 years).

If this brief introduction to pugs interests you, then learning more about the history and origin of the pug will let you in on the original breeding techniques and way in which these dogs came to the United States.

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