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  •    Home » Articles » BarkCollars » Review Of The SportDog SBC-10 Collar

    Review Of The SportDog SBC-10 Collar


    Do you get irritated when your dog starts to bark like there's no tomorrow? Does it bark at times that are very inconvenient or embarrassing, such as when guests come or at night when everybody is sleeping? If that's your case, then the SBC-10 is exactly what you need.

    Activated by the vibration or the sound of the dog's bark, the no bark 10 collar is equipped with a display that shows the battery condition and correction levels. You can also customize the operational modes of the SBC-10. For instance, if you want to know the number of corrections that are needed to reduce your dog's barking, you can set the collar to "Temperament Learning," and then choose one of the 10 levels for correction that are offered to you. Or, you can let the collar detect automatically the level at which your dog stops barking by setting it to "Progressive Correction" instead. If you decide to manually customize the static shock correction offered, you can make use of the 'User Correction' mode of the SBC-10 collar.

    The SBC-10 comes with black straps made of plastic and can be adjusted on dogs' necks of up to 27 inches; which makes it practical to use on almost any dog. It also has another mode: the "Test Mode;" and the 6 Volt battery that comes with the collar can be recharged for repeated use.

    Paying Attention During Use

    Only use the SBC-10 when the situation is not appropriate for barking, such as when guests visit or when it's very late at night. Also, check that the barking isn't caused by an illness or injury. Donít ever attach leashes to the collar for that may end up in random corrections. Make sure that you clean it frequently and help your dog to be away from skin inflammations while making use of the no bark 10 collar.

    The SBC-10 is one of the most advanced training collars there are. Unlike other collars, it has several modes that serve different purposes. You can really expect results with the no bark 10 collar.

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