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    You Could Try Organic Dog Food For Your Pug


    With the push on for organic foods in many grocery stores, pet owners are looking at that option for their extended family members. Choosing organic dog food over traditional fare is becoming more popular as many pet owners are reluctant to feed their pets any type of food that may contain products they would not want to eat themselves. Many animal products used in pet food have been shown to contain steroid products or growth hormones that have no benefit to pets.

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    People are making the choice to not only read the list of ingredients of their pet food, but also attempt to track down the source of those ingredients. Understanding that animal byproducts may not be from chemical-free animals, more dog owners are looking for organic dog food to insure their pet is eating only healthy foods.

    With the focus on healthy eating for humans, many outlets are expanding their selection of organic foods. Only food grown in fields certified as chemical free can qualify as being organic and same is true for organic dog food as grains used in the manufacture of dog food must be grown in fields certified as organic. Animals such as beef, chicken and lamb used in organic dog food must also be certified as organic raised with no signs of sickness prior to entering the food chain.

    Healthy Pets Begin With Food Selection

    As pet food products grow in popularity, the choice of consumers can be confusing, but the designation of being organic dog food insures that the product contains only organically grown ingredients. By feeding their pets only organic dog food pet owners know their dog is receiving only healthy food products. Whether it is dry dog food or canned food, the ingredient source must be all organic to claim the designation.

    There are benefits to feeding the dog only organic dog food including fewer ailments and allergies as well as the dog having more energy and maintaining a healthy weight. Just like humans, a diet high in processed foods can contribute to an animals weight gain and loss of energy. By feeding them a diet of organic dog food, many of the health problems can disappear.

    The animalís quality of life will improve without being stricken by digestive disorders and the petís immune system will be healthier, enabling it to fend of illnesses more efficiently. By consuming organic dog food the pet will have a longer, healthier and happier life.


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