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    Pug Dog Kennels


    As you probably realize when you look through the various different types of dog kennels, there are various types of construction for these pieces of the pet world. It’s enough to make the potential kennel owner’s swim with confusion. You needn’t fear though, below is a brief discussion of a few of the most popular construction types of various dog kennels

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    Heavy Plastic Dog Kennels

    These dog kennels, most often used for smaller breeds, are often constructed out of a heavyweight PVC plastic. Benefits of such a dog kennel include toughness of construction and the ability to resist dents and damage during normal everyday use. In fact, many of these dog kennels are used in the transportation of small pets with little to no distress coming to the pet in question. A few drawbacks of these types of dog kennels, however, is they can weigh a good deal when being carried and sometimes do not provide adequate visibility for the pet while being transported.

    Wire Frame Dog Kennels

    If you have a larger dog, say over 25 pounds or so, dog kennels with a wire frame construction is perhaps the most popular type available today. There are definitely a few great reasons for this. The first is the variability in size for these dog kennels. Sizes for these types of kennels range from those geared for 10-30 pounds all the way up to giant ones meant for dogs weighing at least 200 pounds.

    The second reason why these dog kennels are so popular is the ease in which they are put together. In many cases putting together these types of kennels is as simple as snapping a few hooks and eyes together. Drawbacks of these dog kennels include the potential of the kennel to rust over time and the cold metal affecting the more arthritic dogs over time.

    Chain Linked Kennels

    Another choice, if your dog or possibly dogs need to have the run of the backyard, is one of the chain linked kennels. Unlike a simple chain-linked fence, this type of dog kennel offers a suitable area of shelter for the animal, such as a small house or enclosure as part of the overall kennel.

    Advantages of these types of dog kennels include allowing for maximum exercise area for the dog and relative ease of upkeep of the fence line. Drawbacks of this type of dog kennel include the fact that it is often the most expensive version on the market today.

    Choosing the best of the various dog kennels out there is an important decision for both you and your pet. Make sure you do the proper research and ask the proper questions so both you and your pet will be happy with your investment.


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