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    A Wood Dog House For Your Pug?


    Constructing a house for your best friend should be done whether or not you allow your pet to live in the house as well as outdoors. It is important for your dog to have his/her own dog house for health reasons and their independence.

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    Choosing the Right Dog House

    There are a large number of choices available on the market today that are already made and ready, as well as the option for you to build one from scratch. Depending on your dog’s caliber and size, as well as the location you live in, you have many varieties you can choose from; however, a wood dog house has proved time and again to be a better choice over them all for the many reasons.

    A wood dog house adapts best in any weather, being warm in the winter and cool in summer, thus offering your best pal the best temperatures year round. For years in the future, a wood dog house will last better and longer in all weather temperatures, from very cold to very warm, without suffering many damages or needing repairs.

    A wood dog house can easily be redone, should you choose to do so over the years in order to accommodate the growing family of your dogs, unlike a plastic dog house for example.

    It is true a wood dog house will cost you considerably more, but if you calculate in advance, it will actually save you money in the long run, as well as keep your best friend happy and protected year round.

    Buying Ready-Made or Constructing the Dog House

    This is yet another choice you will have to make, but the good part is that you have a great deal of choices whatever you choose to do. It is advised, however, to construct the wood dog house, especially if you have a large dog, as this will allow you to design and create as your heart desires.

    It is advised to have a dog house for your pet even if you love him/her very much and usually have him/her in the house most of the time. One of the main reasons for having a dog house is your own health and that of your family. When the dog sheds his/her hair, the whole house gets covered with the hair, as we pet owners have observed every year. Having his/her place will allow him/her to spend some time there during this period in which you can breathe clean air.

    Dog hair can be very dangerous to our health, causing serious lung disease, especially if you have small children who on impulse take everything to their mouth. Besides the obvious health reasons, your dog will thank you for giving them the independence of his/her own place.


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