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    Dog Training Commands You Can Teach Your Pug


    The majority of dog owners in the world have one common problem with their dogs. They refuse to do what they are supposed to do. Some dog owners only have behavior problems with their dogs when other people are around. In most of theses homes the Dog rules the kingdom. These dogs have had no training whatsoever. What most of these dog owners do not know, is that it is the owner who really needs to be trained and not the animal. Once the owner takes charge and becomes the leader of the pack, the dog will follow in turn. Dog training commands are essential in taking charge of your dog and becoming the leader of the pack. The training of your dog is a natural bonding experience between you and your lovable friend.

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    The Commands

    Every dog trainer will have their own list of dog training commands, but there are generally five basics on every trainers list. The first dog training command is to heel. Heeling means to have your dog stop along side of you. The second dog training command is sit. This dog training command is rather self-explanatory. The third command is down. The word, down, is used to get a dog to quit jumping up on people. Simply use the single word, down and not, get down, the dog will be more confused because he is only used to the one word, down, and get down will sound like one word to Fido. The fourth dog training command is to stay. It is always essential that your dog learns to stay sitting in one spot when told to for many obvious reasons, safety, being first and foremost. The last, but not least, of these five dog training commands is come. Come is setting your dog free and releasing him from commands.

    A dog owner must realize that using your dog’s name will get his attention and this should also be rewarded in the early lessons. It is not necessary to yell at Fido, but do use a firm tone. Hand signals are another good way to teach your dog training commands as long as your dog has a successful attention span and can focus on the handler. Your dog will respect you if you stand tall and show him in your stance, that you are the authority in his world. Be strong and be firm and above all else, be consistent and your dog training commands can make your life a lot less stressful, and turn you into the King of your kingdom.


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