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    Police Dog Training Can Play A Vital Role, But A t What Cost?


    Police dog training is important to get the police dog to perform its assigned role that includes prevention of crime as well as going on operational patrols. In addition, police dogs need to track as well as search for criminals from scenes of crime because police dogs are more effective than a single police officer as it is able to scent humans from many hundred yards away, and they can also search areas that are inaccessible to humans.

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    Many Different Roles That A Police Dog Has To Perform

    Police dog training also involves teaching the police dog to be able to recover articles from the scene of the crime as well as provides help in locating missing persons. Police dogs should also be trained to handle disturbances and it has been found that one police dog is as good as having ten police officers. Also, the police dog can be used in search and rescue operations and is especially useful in searching out explosives as well as drugs.

    Police dog training also requires carefully selecting both the dog as well as its handler that should combine well so that necessary skills are imparted and developed to best levels possible. Handlers need to undergo tough physical as well as mental courses and they should learn everything from legislation to veterinary practices as well as canine psychology.

    While the handler is police training the dog there is sure to be a very close bond develop between the two and the training involves harnessing the instinctive behavior of the dog and combining it with positive reinforcement. In addition, the natural abilities of the dog must be identified as well as encouraged and improved upon. The essence of police dog training is to encourage the dog to put its instinctive drive whenever commanded to do so into a controlled situation

    It is also usual for police dog training to involve constant rewards and praise being given to the dog which should help strengthen its work ethic because the dog puts in much hard work. Good food, care, exercise as well as protection are other facets of police dog training all of which helps impart the best training to the dog. Control, efficiency as well as safety are other essential parts of police dog training.

    A dog has the instinct to please the pack leader and for police dog training the dog handler plays this role. It is his or her responsibility to get the most out of the natural abilities of the dog and most training exercises revolve around this aspect of police dog training.


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