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    Should You train Your Pug?


    Owning a dog is one of life's pleasures that only a true dog lover will understand. But it is through the process of training your dog that begins the special bond that unites both you and your pet.

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    The time you invest in to training your dog is the foundation of the everlasting trust and love and not to mention loyalty between you and your dog. In order to successfully train your dog there are a few things that we as dog lovers need to understand. Your dog is an individual with his own particular quirks and personality.

    You need to remember this while you're training him so that you can specifically handle and meet his specific needs. And when you do this you will be rewarded for a lifelong loving relationship with your dog. Your dog is very intelligent and just like us humans, he will learn many things through his day-to-day observations.

    Imitating is a key principle of all canine learning. When your dog was a puppy he would watch and imitate his mother and as a result learn basic skills of survival. It is important to take a note of this learning method, and because it will apply also in your home. If you were to try and teach your dog to sit, and you gave the command to sit and then gently pushed his bottom down into the sitting position, your dog will soon learn and relate the command to the action.

    Then with constant repetition your dog will soon automatically respond with the appropriate action of the command. To strengthen the learning process, it is important to provide immediate and consistent rewards for successful completion of the training command. By giving a dog a special treat, or rewarded with praise and attention after he completed a command, then he will associate the command and action with a positive reward.

    Dog training is a means where you can establish a special bond and relationship with your dog. Your dog will learn how to behave and how to respond appropriately to your commands. This no doubt will give you a sense of pride and enjoyment that you are able to successfully communicate with your best friend. And let's not forget your dog! Nothing will please your dog more than to be able to make you happy. So not only will dog training make your life easier and happier, but your dog will also enjoy your positive feedback.


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