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    Electronic Pet Doors: Like Giving Your Dog Its Own Key


    There's one thing that works against traditional dog doors: if an animal is chasing or following our dog, it can do so even inside our house. With the development of electronic dog doors, our pets can come safely into the house where they'll be safe from other animals or mean children. Before you resort to the purchase of electronic dog doors, it is imperative that you understand the types of electronic pet doors available for that would help you in making the right and the most apt choice for your pet on the fly.

    Kinds of Electronic Dog Doors

    There are two basic types of electronic pet doors: the one that is activated by motion sensors and the one that is activated by electromagnetic sensors. The first type can actually tell the difference between a dog and a human from the type of motions they make, while the second one can detect the electromagnetic signals of a collar that your dog has to wear.

    When compared, the ones that work with electromagnetic fields are better, since they give you 100% guarantee that no one but your dog will be able to come into your house.


    Unlike conventional dog doors, the electronic dog doors are light, easy to use and install. They are tamper proof and offer maximum security by keeping intruders and stray pets at bay. Some models even let you customize times and modes of access.

    Selecting the Best Electronic Dog Door

    Always ask about different models in several stores or online before making a purchase since you might find one that has a feature that will be extremely useful and practical in your case. The height of the dog, the ease of handling, the customizability with respect to entry and exit and the activation methodology are a few major factors that need intent consideration before placing the order.

    The main advantage of electronic dog doors over regular ones is that they keep other animals out of the house. They are also a good choice in areas where there's a lot of rain or snow, since they will keep those outside too. Always consider the size of your dog when looking at electronic pet doors.

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