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    Veterinary Radiology Equipment To Treat Your Pug


    Not in the too distant past, technology such as x-rays and other high-tech machinery were only a thing to be dreamed of in science fiction movies. In modern times, each day there are newer and better machines being built that are faster and more accurate than the older models from just one year before. Within the medical world, this is especially true, and when it comes to veterinary medicine, technology is advancing just as fast as conventional medicine for the human race. People love their pets and are willing to pay very high prices in order to save their lives or to enhance their current lives. Breakthroughs in diseases and other ailments for animals is an amazing occurrence in today’s society, and the advent of veterinary radiology equipment has played a major role in many of these breakthrough areas. It is another avenue for medical professionals to work through in order to diagnose and treat pets with a wide variety of problems.

    News Flash  Mar, 02 2010

    Man Sleds, Dog Bites - City Room Blog - NYTimes.com

    Sledders in a Brooklyn dog run raise the ire of one puppy owner, the latest skirmish in the long war over our shared outdoor spaces. Read More


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    News Flash  Mar, 02 2010

    Your Pet's Pearly Whites Matter, Too - Atlanta Journal Constitution

    Your pet's pearly whites matter, tooAtlanta Journal ConstitutionIf dog owner Ken Kukla has one regret when it comes to his dog's health, it's that he didn't brush Hannah's teeth from... Read More


    News Flash  Mar, 02 2010

    The Health Care Dog And Pony Show - Small Gov Times

    The health care dog and pony showSmall Gov TimesYou do know, don't you, that The Community Organizer is holding his little dog-and-pony show today. He calls it a health care summit. ...A summit only... Read More


    News Flash  Mar, 02 2010

    Hunting Dog Training Should Be Taken Very Seriously

    Hunting dog training should be taken very seriously because it requires your dog being desensitized to gunfire that normally accompanies a hunt and still be able to keep its focus on the trainer’s... Read More


    Types of Veterinary Radiology Equipment

    Veterinary medicine is a booming industry in the world, especially in Western culture. Animals that are owned as pets are often treated better than many people are, which is a sad fact, yet nonetheless true. There are doggie hotels, kitty motels, pet spas, grooming and boarding in these most luxurious surroundings. There is clothing for animals to say the least and a million other specialty items for your beloved and furry friend. And, when a pet becomes ill or needs a routine check-up, there are many veterinarians ready to care for them. Many of these offices even contain their own veterinary radiology equipment which makes it easy for the owner to come to just one place for all their needs, instead of traveling to many locations.

    Veterinary radiology equipment is used for a variety of problems seen in pets, such as arthritis, accidents such as being hit by a car or getting into a fight with another animal. With the use of the veterinary radiology equipment, the doctor can check for bone fractures and other items that would otherwise go undetected. Tumors can also often be seen with this equipment as well, warding off possible cancer before it is too late. This equipment can be quite expensive, therefore the cost to the pet owner is quite high in order to use it, yet most are willing to pay the price in order to save their pet or to save them from unnecessary suffering. People are trained to use this equipment and read and/or diagnose the problem based on the results as well. Overall, the use of veterinary radiology equipment has helped to increase and enhance the lives of many beloved animals.


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