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    Veterinary Technology To Keep Your Pug Healthy


    If you're over 40 years of age, you may remember times when your companion pet or farm animal suffered from a serious illness or injury, and the only answer was to humanely euthanize the animal to prevent further needless suffering. Some conditions were so complex and so distressing for the animal that the types of treatment available during those years were simply insufficient, and it was time to say farewell. Just within the past decade, veterinary technology has made tremendous advances that allow animals to recover from serious illness or injury and regain their quality of life.

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    Veterinary technology includes preventative veterinary medicine as well as treatment for ailments of pets of all kinds. For example, it's now quite common for dogs and cats to have a yearly dental cleaning just as we do. It's also common for avian vets to trim the wings, beaks and nails of large hook bill parrots without traumatizing the bird and perhaps suffering a severe bite from that too-long beak. Veterinary technology has made prevention of disease possible through thoroughly researched dietary needs of all animals; horse feed is not just simply horse feed. Nutritional needs of animals of all species, ages and conditions are addressed in the various types of food for your pet or farm animal.

    Notable Advances in Veterinary Technology

    With a quick look at a slide under a microscope, a veterinary technologist and laboratory expert can tell exactly what form of skin disease your cat or dog has, and how it should be treated. Cancers are identified and treated in their early states. Leukemia and diabetes are diagnosed much sooner, before these diseases have reached terminal stage. Among dog owners, probably the most welcome advance in veterinary technology is in the treatment of heartworms.

    In the past, once this infestation of parasites took a firm hold on the dog's cardiovascular system, there was little hope of successful cure. The only available treatment was administering arsenic, a deadly poison, to kill the parasites. More often than not, it also killed the dog. But through improvements in veterinary technology, not only is heartworm prevention easily achieved through monthly medication, but an infected dog has a much greater chance of surviving the arsenic-based cure.

    Farm animals and companion pets who were once considered only for euthanasia are now making full recoveries from illnesses and injuries. Veterinary technology has made huge strides in prevention, diagnosis, treatment and long-term care that were considered impossible two decades ago. These technologies include surgical techniques, amputations, C-sections for "mothers" having troublesome deliveries, orthopedic care, dental care, and even management of cancer and other life-threatening illnesses. Animals with internal injuries from losing battles with automobiles have a much greater survival rate, thanks to veterinary x-ray and surgical technology. Your farm and companion animals can now live longer, happier, healthier and more productive lives.


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