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  • Dog Training Product Review

    Let's face it...... If you own a dog, you are going to need to devote some time toward obedience training. Do you Agree?

    Dogs aren't born obedience trained, just as we are not born with the skills and knowledge on how to successfully train them!

    Committed dog lovers do need to spend a lot of time learning how to train their pets. Thankfully there are some great Dog Obedience training products out there to make it easy for us.

    Unfortunately, there are so many "Dog Training" products available, that it makes it difficult to know which one to choose. Worse still, many of them seem to rehash the same old stuff, without offering any real solution.

    So BEWARE of the Fake Dog trainer!

    Our team of editors looked into what was currently available. They purchased 11 of the top Dog Training products available, with the aim of finding the top 5 products. It was sad to see that so many products didn't offer any real value, and didn't live up to the hype portrayed by their sneaky marketing tactics. Needless to say, those products won't be mentioned here!

    So, when we came across an excellent product, it stood out like a shinning beacon. All we then had to do, was analyse them, to determine which offered the best value for money.

    So if you would like to improve the obedience training of your dog, then you are probably in the market for a quality dog training product.

    So to make it easier for you, here's how we rated the best 5 products:


    Dog Training  Home Study Course
    Dog Training Masters
    Sit Stay Fetch
    Dog Training Online
    Dog Training Discovery
    Price $67.00 $37.77 $37.00 $38.97 $39.95
    Review Summary

    The Dog Training Masters Home Study Course is by far the “Top Dog” when it comes to learning how to train your dog! This course is structured around 5 hours of professionally recorded interviews with a “Real” expert dog trainer. Nothing has been left out!

    The e-book is an easy to follow comprehensive book that is designed to help you quickly and efficiently train your dog in a variety of areas. If the “Dog Training Masters Home Study Course” is out of your price range, then this is the dog training product for you.

    Sit, Stay, Fetch is an e-book based product that offers solutions to a wide variety of dog behavior problems. It is a very well laid out eBook that is easy and logical in its format. Another nice thing about this book, are the pictures. The product comes with 7 bonuses.

    Her Dog Training product is somewhat different than the others. The format for delivery is seven lessons all via online video. So there is nothing to download to your computer, no eBooks to print out etc.

    The product comprises of one main eBook (70 Pages), and two other bonus eBooks (one is 70 pages, and other is 40 pages in length). Altogether they do a reasonable job at teaching one how to train their dog.

    Full Review
    Editor's Rating
    Product Web Site
    Detailed Ratings
    Content Quality
    Ease Of Use
    Product Features
    Format Downloadable Downloadable Downloadable Online Video Downloadable
    Guarantee 56 Days 56 Days 56 Days 56 Days 56 Days
    Bonuses 9 9 7 8 3
    Email Consulting
    Step By Step guide        
    Study Manual        
    Mini Course    
    Training Plan        
    More Information
    Product Name Dog Training  Home Study Course Dog Training Masters Sit Stay Fetch Dog Training Online Dog Training Discovery
    Web Site

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