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  • The Importance of Good General Pug Care

    The single most important thing to consider when getting a new puppy is the general pug care that will come along with it. There are a number of health concerns that the owner should be knowledgeable of and he/she should be ready to take the pug to the vet or give the dog its medication when need be.

    Speaking of a veterinarian, the pug owner should choose the vet wisely by doing some research on the vets in the local area. Perhaps the owner can get some referrals from people that go to different vets or he/she can see what each vet specializes in. As part of general pug care, It is also extremely important to get the pup started on a good diet right from the start. The owner must stick to this diet to keep the pug’s weight regulated and to keep it healthy. Pug care is a big deal, and it helps to know at least a little something about it.

    Health Concerns and a Vet

    Pugs have more health problems than other dogs, which require that the owner spend more time keeping taps on the dog’s overall health and wellness. It helps to brush the dog’s coat weekly to keep it shiny and healthy, and, to prevent pug dental problems, brush its teeth from time to time using dog toothpaste. The folds in a pug’s face can fill up with dirt and other unwanted things, so it is also important general pug care to remember to wipe between the folds on a weekly basis with something as simple as a tissue. Be sure not to use a Q-tip; too much pressure may poke the dog and hurt him/her.

    Choosing the right veterinarian is just as important as anything else and yet it is something that can be overlooked. It takes time to determine which vet best fits the needs of the owner, but there are questions someone can ask themselves when determining the right vet. All of this planning and preparation may seem like too much when getting a new puppy, but taking these steps to good pug care will pay off in the end and make both the owner and the puppy a happy couple.

    Choosing the Right Diet

    It is extremely important to choose a diet at the beginning and stick to it. Pugs tend to be a little overweight, so the owner should be watching his/her pug’s eating habits a little more closely than other dogs. The diet itself has to be nutritious and able to fit the puppy’s needs. Due to the fact that pugs short snouts do not allow for proper respiratory functioning during hot weather, it is also important to make sure that the pug has enough water at all times, especially when outside in the summer months.

    Unfortunately, general pug care can be overlooked and the problems will be noticed eventually but cannot always be rectified because it will be too late. It does not take much to monitor the dog’s eating habits and make sure that he/she has the right food and enough water at all times. Successful pug care will keep both the dog and the owner happy while allowing for the pug to live to its maximum number of years. Noticing health concerns facing the pug early will hopefully prevent serious illnesses from hurting everyone involved with the dog.

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