Entering the Joyous Time of Having a Pug Puppy

Having a puppy can result in having some of the happiest times at home. Just seeing the baby  pugs run around the house can lift the spirits of everyone in the house, except for Dad when his shoes have been chewed apart by the little one! Either way, at some point everyone gets to experience how fun it can be to own a puppy, but owning one also comes with some responsibility. There is added care for the puppy, certain supplies need to be purchased for the pug puppy, and added attention must be paid to it so it does not get hurt or go to the bathroom in places that are not meant for that purpose.

Pug Puppy Care and Supplies

There is an added care that goes into having a pug puppies or any puppy for that matter, around the house. The puppy will at first be frightened of its new surroundings and will not want to venture much around the home for a little while. After a while though, the pug pup will get used to its surroundings and will begin to explore its new home. Also, the biggest concern when having a puppy will be housetraining it. Pugs are especially difficult to train because of a certain stubborn side to them that sometimes cannot be broken for months or even a year. One cannot be too upset with the pug puppy though, or else it will be afraid; one must be assertive and teach the puppy to go to the bathroom outside without breaking its spirit.

Pug puppies will need basic supplies just like any other puppy. An owner must be careful to give the puppy the right kinds of dog food to not only prevent disease, but to make the pup the healthiest it can be for its age. Starting a puppy’s feeding habits on the right foot will prevent more headaches, and bellyaches for the puppy, in the future. The puppy will also need a comfortable sleeping space so it can learn that it cannot sleep on the same bed as its owner. Also, pugs tend to snore and if that bothers the owner, training the puppy to sleep somewhere else in the house will have to start early.

Choosing a Puppy and Giving It a Name

Choosing from different pug puppies may seem as easy as choosing which color coat one would want. There are actually several criterions to consider when finding a new puppy. By going to a pug breeder, one will be able to choose a puppy based not only on its color or size, but by its medical records and special needs. Going to a pug breeder can be the best way to get a pug that fits ones needs the most. One can find a pug breeder by searching a directory on the internet or looking through a newspaper or telephone book.

Giving the puppy a good name is also important because that will stick for its entire life. Many people like to go with the “Milo and Otis” theme or maybe Frank the talking dog from Men in Black. Going with the short and stocky theme, one could name their pug George in honor of George Constanza of Seinfeld. Creating a name for the puppy is just as important as determining the pug pup in the first place.

Taking care of the puppy right from the start will set up a healthy and happy dog-family relationship for its entire life. Pug puppy care is the most important aspect of having a new dog, but unfortunately it is sometimes overlooked and can hurt the relationship in the long run.

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