An Overview of the Methods of Pug Training

Having a new pug puppy can be a very exciting time, but it can also be a stressful one. Pug training is not always easy and obedience training and pug potty training takes a lot of patience from the owner and the diligence to maintain a reward system that the dog will learn from. Pugs are some of the most stubborn dogs around, so the owner has to be ready for the long haul in obedience training and housetraining. A sense of satisfaction will surely emerge when the dog finally learns to go potty outside, that is for sure. The road to that point will be rocky and possibly filled with many headaches, but it will be worth the wait someday.

The Stubbornness of the Pug

Pug training will never be easy. Pugs are stubborn dogs and always have been. That of course does not mean that the pug is not trainable. It just takes a person with plenty of patience and enough time on his/her hands to be able to teach the dog to either sit, come, lie down, or even go to the bathroom outside. The best way to go about training the pug would be to create a reward program for the dog. If it does something desirable, then give the pug a treat. If it performs a behavior that is not something you were looking for, then scold the puppy.

Pugs are very intuitive creatures; they can sense the anger or pleasantness in someone’s voice easily, so be sure to remain pleasant when it does something right and upset when it does something wrong. A common problem in pug training is that many people fall for the cute looks of the pug and are unable to stay mad at it when it leaves a surprise in someone’s shoes. The pug will think it is ok to do those things and it will be very hard to break him/her of those habits. Don’t give in!

However, in order to go into more detail about pug obedience training and pug potty training, some basics are important to understand. Each requires a great deal of patience and none will be headache-free. Either way, when the process is finished and the dog has finally learned something, the satisfaction will be there for the owner. The owner must always remember to have a reward system for the dog when it does something good and a punishment program for when it does something undesirable.

Maintaining one’s composure while the dog is being punished will help reinforce to the puppy that it should behave in the manner that gets a treat. Pugs are not stupid; they will just act how they feel the owner wants to them to. Granted, they are stubborn animals and it will take time to teach them how to basically do anything, but the pug will learn eventually. Keep in mind the fact while pulling out your hair because you cannot get it to practice pug obedience training, it may still be chewing up your shoes!

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